About Us

Resilience Research and Training Systems, founded by Dr. Monique Crane, is an occupational resilience research team that works with both public and private organisations to support employee resilience to maximise their potential. We employ evidence-based interventions that help employees become more resilient, bounce back from setbacks and cope with stress at work.


Our team collaborates with your organisation to:

(1) Understand the factors impacting staff resilience and wellbeing

(2) Develop evidence-based interventions that promote employee resilience and wellbeing to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and enhance morale

(3) Provide evidence-based, tailored resilience training

(4) Promote practical strategies and solutions that enhance employee wellbeing

(5) Create opportunities to be involved and engage in leading occupational resilience research.










Why Choose Us?

Evidence-based resilience training

Our training programs are developed based on the latest research to deliver you and your organisation various positive outcomes.

Individually tailored training

We tailor the resilience training packages to your organisation's unique needs and challenges to have the biggest impact.


Our researchers are psychologists specialising in occupational resilience who provide your organisation with evidence-based, effective recommendations and interventions.

Organisational resilience profile

We can provide your organisation with a unique profile of the risks and benefits to employee resilience within your organisation. This can be used to devise interventions that are unique and relevant to your organisation.

Develop staff resilience

We help managers develop sustainable workplace practices and leadership behaviours that promote the resilience of your employees.

Team Members

Dr Monique Crane

Dr Monique Crane (PhD) is the founder of Resilience Research and Training Systems team. She is a psychologist and a lecturer in occupational psychology at Macquarie University. Monique specialises in occupational resilience research and in the design and implementation of resilience training. Her research investigates the effectiveness of resilience training programs and the ability of workplace characteristics to develop or erode the psychological resilience of their personnel.

Danny Boga

Danny Boga is a registered psychologist within the Australian Regular Army. Danny is experienced in workplace training and assessment and holds formal qualifications as an instructor, assessor, and training supervisor. Danny is currently completing his PhD in organisational psychology at Macquarie University. His research focuses on occupational well-being and motivation.

Madison Kho

Madison Kho is currently completing a PhD/ Masters in Organisational Psychology at Macquarie University. Having received a First Class in her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Madison is conducting academic research and providing training to support the resilience of others. She works with the belief that every individual is of intrinsic value, and deserves respect, unconditional regard, and has the right to be heard.