Current PhD projects on offer

Written by Monique Crane
Thursday June 2015

We invite aspiring PhD students to be part of our research team. Your PhD would be completed within the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


Turning occupational adversity into resilience


Recent research suggests a positive role for occupational stressors, and even potentially traumatic events, in building future resilience. However, some people are better able to capitalise on stressor experiences and adversity in order to learn new coping skills and improve their ability to adapt in the future.

Research in this area will focus on the mechanisms that allow resilience to be developed as a consequence of exposure to occupational stressors and adversity.


The role of psychological resources in skills acquisition under pressure


Our recent research has demonstrated that psychological resources can improve the acquisition of complex sensory motor skills, when those skills are attained under high psychological pressure (e.g., pressure of evaluation). This research has implications for training in the educational and occupational setting.

 A PhD in this area would investigate the importance of psychological resources (e.g., resilience, self-efficacy) over and above the role of cognitive ability in complex skill acquisition.


If you are interested in a PhD project in these areas please contact the resilience research team via our contact page.

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