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24 Jul 2019
Supporting Resilience in Older Australians

The Macquarie Resilience Team conducted a study of Resilience Training in an older adult population between September 2018 to May 2019. This research was aimed to evaluate how self-reflection resilience training could support older age groups. 


What is resilience?

Resilience can be described as “bouncing back” from a particularly difficult period or stressful event. As life comes with a number...

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21 Sep 2016
Resilience in the workplace: Lessons for managers and staff

Listen to seminar about how to support resilience in the workplace by Dr Monique Crane.

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22 Feb 2016
Stressors can help build resilience

It is often unrealistic for organisations to be free of job demands that potentially cause stress and strain, because such stressors are a common feature of most workplaces. The good news is that some stressors might be good for you. Previous research has found that people who experience 2 to 4 adverse life events had less functional impairment and distress than those who experienced very high or ...

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21 Feb 2016
Have you ever felt like an impostor at work?

What is the Imposter Phenomenon?

The imposter phenomenon is characterised by:

1) A belief that one is a fraud who is not as competent as they appear

2) Fear that one will eventually fail and be discovered as a fraud[1,2]

3) Difficultly taking credit for accomplishments or attribute success to oneself, as success is considered to be due to external factors (e.g., luck) and undeserved[2,3,4]

Have ...

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19 Jan 2016
Employees in certain occupations are at greater risk of suicide

There are certain professions associated with an elevated risk of suicide, including veterinary practice, medicine and dentistry. Why are these occupations more at risk of suicide? Some researchers have proposed that perhaps it has to do with the type of people that are attracted to these occupations. For example, people with particular personality traits that place them at greater risk of mental ...

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19 Jan 2016
Does performing euthanasia put veterinarians at a greater risk of suicide?

Veterinarians are at an elevated risk of suicide and experiencing psychological distress than other professions, even when accounting for demographics[1,2]. Some authors have proposed that this increased risk of suicide is because of the performance of euthanasia as this is emotionally demanding and sometimes presents moral dilemmas. It has been thought that euthanasia can cause distress and...

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02 Jan 2016
New book to be launched in 2017

2017 will see the launch of a new book edited by Dr Monique Crane from Resilience Research and Training Systems. The book titled:  'Workplaces that Bounce Back: A Practical Guide for Managers Seeking to Build Employee Resilience' is a readable guide to the current research on workforce psychological resilience. The book includes practice strategies to help managers promote resilience in their...

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