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Welcome to Resilience Research and Training Systems

Helping organisations to support the resilience of their employees

We are an occupational resilience research team located within Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Our team conducts unique research about how organisations can promote the psychological resilience of their employees. We also develop innovative evidence-based resilience training that we tailor to the unique demands of your organisation. Our goal is to support your organisation to maintain the peak performance and wellbeing of your employees.

We work with both public and private organisations to ensure that all employees can benefit from mentally healthy and resilient workplaces.  

Occupational resilience research

Discover our latest research

Research examining occupational resilience attempts to discover what individual characteristics and organisational factors are likely to support employee resilience. Watch interviews, films and read blogs about some of our latest resilience research.

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Resilience training

Our latest resilience training for your organisation

All employees experience difficulties whether it is at work or in their personal lives. We use the most current research in our resilience training in order to provide the most effective training for your organisation. Learn more about the resilience training we offer.

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Latest News

19 Jan 2016
Employees in certain occupations are at greater risk of suicide

There are certain professions associated with an elevated risk of suicide, including veterinary practice, medicine and dentistry. Why are these...

19 Jan 2016
Does performing euthanasia put veterinarians at a greater risk of suicide?

Veterinarians are at an elevated risk of suicide and experiencing psychological distress than other professions, even when accounting for...

21 Feb 2016
Have you ever felt like an impostor at work?

What is the Imposter Phenomenon?

The imposter phenomenon is characterised by:

1) A belief that one is a fraud who is not as competent as they...

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